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When your forest has been struck by windfall

If part or all of your forest has been overturned by a storm, you can get a subsidy to plant a new forest

What is the windfall scheme?

The windfall scheme is a disaster relief scheme. The scheme is designed to help private forest owners pay for the costs of clearing up and replanting areas where trees have been overturned by storms.

How do you get a subsidy?

You must apply to the Danish Storm Council for a subsidy. The Council will decide whether you are entitled to one. You must meet certain conditions to receive a subsidy.

First and foremost, you must have taken out insurance against storm damage to trees, and the insurance must cover the entire area in which your trees have been overturned.

Your forest must also be a protected forest, and the area overturned by the storm must be greater than 1/60 of the total forest area.

You can read about all the conditions you have to meet in the Executive Order on insurance of private forests against storm damage to trees and subsidies for replanting after storm damage to trees.

Do you need to pay tax?

The subsidy you receive from the Danish Storm Council is liable to tax. For commercial forestry, the replanting costs are normally tax-deductible.


About The Danish Storm Council

The Danish Storm Council is an independent council who handles cases concerning three types of natural catastrophes: storm surge, flooding from waterways and lakes and windfall.